Stylesheets are a feature common to all large word processing packages. Imagine a large corpus of word processing documents, in which all the captions are formatted in 12pt Times Bold. Due to a relaunched brand, a developer is given the task of changing the font to 14pt Arial.

DS Server supports both paragraph and character based styles, as well as multiple style inheritance. The stylesheets are compatible with MS Word, and can be used with RTF, DOC and DOCX files.

Styles can be imported and exported from and to MS Word compatible formats includig RTF, DOC and DOCX. They can be manipulated using dialog boxes and also modified and applied using the JavaScript API.

Set the input position to a paragraph and click one of the buttons below the editor to apply styles. Styles are stored within a document can be applied by referring to the name of the style.

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This demo uses the ASP.NET Core client libraries of DS Server. The functionality is compatible across all supported platforms.

Version 1.0

No code required.

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